Saturday, November 12, 2016


My primary focus as a working American for 35 years was the children of America. As a K-12 teacher, I know how difficult it is for a scared and worried child to be able to sit and learn and be successful in school. The 2016 Election has resulted in anger, fear and division in families, schools, communities and our country. The Safety Pin in the picture is my own adaptation of the Brexit Safety Pin (see in the comments for the purpose of the Brexit Safety Pin). I will be wearing mine tomorrow. "I am safe...... please know that you can speak to me........" #safetypin No child in America should ever be afraid of who they are, regardless, who adults voted for and who is the President......... #SafetyPin = I am safe, please know you can talk to me....... please make and give to your fellow teachers and teacher friends :)

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  1. A wonderful post. I wonder what your thoughts must be about the terrible school shooting in Florida. Since you haven't posted in quite a while, I hope you still look in on your blog and will in future be posting again.