Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speedball Press ~ "Must have" for stampers ~ How to get great impressions from all your stamps!!!

I have a very large collection of rubber stamps.......... I consider each stamp a miniature work of art.  Unfortunately, through the last couple of years, my collection of stamps that make poor impressions has also grown.  The larger the stamp, the more I struggle to get a clear and crisp impression.  I searched the net and tried lots of remedies......... stamping on a cushion of cardstock, stamping on a mousepad, stamping on a phonebook.  The list goes on and on.........  The other night I came across this video by Colleen, 47CMC, on YouTube.  This video and the Speedball Press have made every stamp in my collection usable again.......... including wood mounted, cling mounted, and acrylic.  Thank you, Colleen.

Tip for Stamping with Large Background Stamps ~ 47CMC

As soon as I watched this video, I realized this is the solution I have been looking for over the past 5 years.  I ordered my Speedball Press from Amazon. Here are some of my results:

The Stamp

Hand stamped on the top.... SpeedBall Press on the bottom

Hero Arts large background stamp

Hand stamped

SpeedBall Press

Animal Spirit acrylic stamp mounted on an acrylic block:  The top image was stamped with the Speedball Press, the bottom image stamped by hand.  This is a stamp I bought 3 years ago that I have never been able to get a clear impression with.

In all comparisons, the stamps were stamped on the foam platform of the Speedball Press with Ranger's black Archival Ink.


  1. Great little tool - btw...Cornish Heritage Farms was sold and is now under new ownership - here is the link to their site! I love their stamps too!

    1. Thank you, Sue.......... I am glad the see that CHF is back....... one of my favorite places!

  2. Thanks for sharing this GG. Can't log into CMB so wanted to reply here. I love this idea and discovered I can use my heat press to do the same thing! Thanks for sharing

  3. Great info. I have never used large stamps successfully.

    1. I struggled and wasted paper everytime I used a large stamp........ to the point of not using large stamps at all......... This has made every stamp in my collect brand new and usable :-)

  4. I just got this for my birthday ;). Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for the example photos.