Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cameo Silhouette ~ easy peasy ~ I had no learning curve :-)

I just received my new Cameo Silhouette!  It took longer to unpack and plug in my new Cameo then it did to make my first cut!  I had no learning curve, the software is that intuitive. I bought the Cameo because I wanted to be able to make detailed cuts.  I wanted to cut intricate borders and tiny words for my mini album tags.

Last week I downloaded the Silhouette software...... messed with it for a bit. Asked a few questions on the Silhouette message board.... spent hours looking through the online store drooling over the adult graphics.  When my Cameo arrived, I hit the ground running.......... This is faster and easier for me to use than a cartridge-based cutter I was using previously.  I am not tied to online software that is missing many of the options the FREE Silhouette software has......... like alignment and one-click shadowing.

Here are my 1st cuts........ I was not going for grand and glorious!!! I wanted to see how thin and detailed the machine could cut.......... the letters are only .25 of an inch high!!! The second word....Calico is even smaller........ the process to enter the word, ungroup, weld, and then cut took less than 5 minutes for each word.  I am very pleased with my purchase!

Following the photos are all the links you need to get started to see if the Cameo is the cutter for you :-)

Link to Cameo Online Graphic Store:  Silhouette Online Store

Link to free edition of the Silhouette Studio software, available for Mac or Windows:  Silhouette - Download New Software

Link to the Silhouette Plus forum....... any and all questions are answered immediately!  No question is considered redundant or dumb:  Silhouette Plus


  1. MAC you have talked me into getting this machine! Great cuts and so tiny and perfect. I am going to the link to check out those images.
    If their site goes down or they ever go out of business will I still be able to get to all my purchased graphics?
    Will they be stored in my own computer? Do I need to be online to use them?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Lisa, I have a question concerning backing up graphics on the Cameo MB right now concerning what and how to backup...... All the graphics you purchase are stored on your computer. In the event of a hard drive crash I want to know how to back my files up...... I looked at the file structure... and I think i understand what needs to be done, I am just waiting for confirmation from a Cameo guru :-) I will give you a more definite answer as soon as I can.........

    1. Amy our Cameo guru is Graceful! She is going to help me when I buy my Cameo. Meanwhile I am looking at their site and all the wonderful graphics. It will be a big change for me and I am looking forward to it!

  3. I will also make sure you understand the process so that you can backup your own library :-)

  4. I knew I was holding onto my Christmas money for something. lol Keep posting and letting us know how you like it after a week or two goes by. I would like to make my own designs to cut and I heard this is the machine to do it with. I am willing to learn some new software.

  5. Amy, I have a room full of cutters and lots of software..... It's all easy to use..... I don't see any reason that I won't enjoy this cutter...... take a look at the designs in their online store....... refreshing to see their designs :-)

  6. I sure did, Rhoda....... and I love it......... I may also get a zing as soon as MTC is working for the Mac OS :-) A girl can never have too many cutters :-)