Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stamp2Cut ~ Tim Holtz Teams up with the EClips ~ More Info

After watching Tim Holtz's video several times last night......... I started doing some math and this seems like a very pricey way to cut his beautiful stamps.......

Ellison, Sizzix's parent company shows 19 new TIM CARTS at $59.95 each........ Yikes..... a very expensive cartridge library for me to start collecting...... and I would need to buy the EClips also.......... and the rubber stamps at $20-30 dollars a set.........  It look as though each cartridge contains about 25 - 30 stamp outlines; and, the carts appear to span several sets of stamps:
Tim Holtz Stamp Index

See the Stamp2Cut carts at Ellison:
Catalog - Search Keywords: tim holtz | Ellison.com

I really hope I am not seeing the entire picture here........ I love TH's stamps, but this is a very large investment for me to able to fussy cut them!!!  I love what Tim Holtz has done for paper crafting, he has given those of us who were soooooo tired of pink and cute some wonderful images and tools; but, at first look, this is going to be a huge investment, even when I take into account I already own a large library of his wooden stamps and stamp sets.....

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