Friday, January 27, 2012

Ragamuffin Collection ~ IOD Designs, Creative Imaginations ~ CHA Winter 2012

I just found this collection tonight...... I remember reading these books when I was a small child.  This paper is a must have for me........ I am not sure I will be able to cut it though because it brings back so many warm memories about learning to read and loving school and learning.

The Ragamuffin Collection is by IOD Designs, Creative Imaginations...... I can't wait to get this paper; and, just enjoy looking at it :-)


  1. Well MAC you will have to get two Ragamuffin Collections! One for a very special mini and one to keep uncut. I really think this collection would make a great 12x12 scrapbook for a little child.

  2. 3 collections, SC...... one to cut, one to save, and one just in case :-)