Monday, December 5, 2011

Cutting Fun Foam with the Cricut Cake

I would love to be able to accent some of Cricut cuts with depth to add dimemsion...... People have tried cutting fun foam in past with the Cricut Expression but have had problems because the grip rings on the Expression compress the fun foam permanently...... So I decided to give it a try on the Cricut Cake Machine which has no grip rings.  Here are the results:

Cricut Cake Expression......... the fun foam has to be taped on the mat.  I used the Cake Mat which has no adhesive........ you can see how small these cuts are...... some of the edges are tattered but I ASSUME that larger cuts would be smoother.

I never got any cut to cut through completely, I had to help them all punch out......... even on multicut 4, 2mm foam

Blade depth = 5 on the deep cut blade holder with deep cut blade
Speed = min
Pressure = Max
Multicut = 4 

Often the back of the cut looked a little sharper than the front :-)

This would elminate the problem with the grip rings and you can cut any size foam you want.
I really want a machine that will cut fun foam..... and the two newest cutters seem to have some mixed results and reviews right now...... so i have decided to wait.

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