Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indecision ~ Cameo or Zing???

For the last week I have been reading every post I can find about the new cutters from Silhouette and Knk...... the Cameo and Zing.  Neither cutter has debuted with smooth sailing IMHO, although once the user gets all the right stars in alignment the cuts both the Cameo and the Zing are getting are just amazing.....

Silhouette Cameo Message Board:
Silhouette Plus

KnK Zing Message Board:
All Discussions - Make The Cut! Forum
KNK_Zing : KNK Zing

YouTube Videos:
knk Zing - YouTube
silhouette cameo - YouTube

There is an obvious price difference, as well as, a difference in specifications. If it wasn't for space constraints, I would buy them both....... So instead of deciding, I have decided to not decide :-)

Michele at Paperthreads has done an awesome job comparing machines:
http://www.paperthreads.com/bonus/paperthreads_machine_compare_112008.html.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have the Cameo specifications entered yet.

My dilemma is that I want to be able to cut it all........ with ease :-)  I want beautiful print and cuts; and, I want to be able to cut fun foam and chipboard. I want to be able to cut tiny detailed designs. I want it all in one machine :-)

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