Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crochet Handwork ~ A Brief Intermission from Paper Crafting ~ SkyCandy

Sometimes it's easy to get so involved with paper crafting, mini albums, smash books, and the latest "got to have" paper, stamps and inks that I forget the roots of the crafting we enjoy today. So this post is brief intermission from paper crafting to show you all the beautiful and delicate crocheted handwork SkyCandy has created.  These doilies are just awesome and so intricately done.  It amazes and reminds me that JUST a spool of crochet thread and a hook AND LOTS OF TALENT can create these works of art.........

I need a craftroom filled with machines and paper and buttons and other assorted doodads, stamps and inks to create.  SkyCandy has reminded me the crafting doesn't have to have elaborate tools or a huge budget to create something beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous doilies with us all, SkyCandy!  I hope you will share lots more with us in the future!!!

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