Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hopscotch ~ K & Co ~ Layout a Day ~ Day Five

So far this is my favorite layout done with this paper!  It really says rough and tumble little boy to me:-)....... I can't wait to start adding the pictures and theme specific embellishments and phrases to this album........ I am sorry I didnt get this posted last night.... it was done....... but the camera battery was dead and needed to be recharged :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kiwi Lane Designs, Hopscotch ~ K & Co ~ Layout a Day ~ Day Two

Day Two is done.......... except for the embellishments and phrases that are picture specific...... I love this paper.......

Years ago when I started paper crafting all my scrapbooks were digi scrapbooks, made with fantastic kits by some of digi scrapping's best artists. Every piece in those kits was preinked for me in Photoshop.  What a difference inking makes in scrapbook layout.......  When I began this little self-challenge, I didn't ink the 1st 2-page layout; and, quickly saw that it looked flat and lifeless.......  Inking adds considerably more time to each project, I know from all the mini albums i have created, but I really think it adds to the appearance of my work.........

Here is Day Two, Folks, with time to spare :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kiwi Lane Designs, Hopscotch ~ K & Co ~ Layout a Day ~ Day One

I haven't scrapbooked in a long time....... I have spent the last 18 months making mini albums.  I love making minis..... there is a beginning and end to every project.  To me scrapbooking seem liked the never ending burden......... People at my LSS are always talking about far behind they are........ not in minutes, hours, days, or even months....... some of these paper crafters were talking about YEARS!!!!!  I looked at scrapbooking as one giant, huge UFO (unfinished object); and, I really am a goal-driven person, so I just but scrapping on the bottom of my to-do list for the last couple years....

Then SkyCandy told me about the Hopscotch paper from K & Co...... I fell in love with it...... so bright and so colorful.......... perfect for that special, darling boy in my life...... The paper captures his curiosity and enthusiasm for and about everything........ The bright colors represent his spark and cheerfulness...... SOOOOOOOOOO I am going to really try to do a 2 page layout a day........ and make this album...... we will see if I can keep with the pace......... Or if it will end up in the back of a drawer in my craft room.........

Now that I have posted this, I have given myself a challenge and motivation to complete the album....... Wish me luck :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Crochet Handwork ~ Part 2

SkyCandy's beautiful, handmade doilies are too beautiful not to share.......... The small intricate stitches are something I don't thing I could ever do.  I am sure I could never follow the pattern to get these perfect results and all in miniature, tiny stitches!!!  How beautiful a Christmas table would look set with these beautiful creations???

These are just beautiful, SkyCandy!!! Thanks so much for sharing your "other" hobby with us.  These are inspiring!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crochet Handwork ~ A Brief Intermission from Paper Crafting ~ SkyCandy

Sometimes it's easy to get so involved with paper crafting, mini albums, smash books, and the latest "got to have" paper, stamps and inks that I forget the roots of the crafting we enjoy today. So this post is brief intermission from paper crafting to show you all the beautiful and delicate crocheted handwork SkyCandy has created.  These doilies are just awesome and so intricately done.  It amazes and reminds me that JUST a spool of crochet thread and a hook AND LOTS OF TALENT can create these works of art.........

I need a craftroom filled with machines and paper and buttons and other assorted doodads, stamps and inks to create.  SkyCandy has reminded me the crafting doesn't have to have elaborate tools or a huge budget to create something beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous doilies with us all, SkyCandy!  I hope you will share lots more with us in the future!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Idea Journal ~ Smash Book (Binder) for Holiday Ideas and Supplies

I have been collecting so many Christmas and Holiday ideas, I really to keep them organized in one place!  Recipes on my computer, pictures on Pinterest, photos on my IPhone, ideas buried in magazines and blogs......... I have a large collection of Christmas rubber stamps and holiday graphics, punches, dies and cartridges......... So while reorganizing my stash the other day, I came across a my collection of Christmas stacks......... and I decided they would be perfect for making a Christmas Smash Book!  Actually, it's a binder......... I really prefer binders as I can easily arrange and rearrange the contents.  I am sure you will notice the absence of bling, charms and ribbons on this project.  The reason for that is that I will be very tough on this binder as I "smash" my holiday ideas into it......... I decided to wait until I had my ideas, recipes, photos, etc stored in the binder before I added any bling.

I used miscellaneous Christmas stacks collected over the years at after-Christmas sales for the cardstock, most of it is SEI and K & Co.  The binder is a plain chipboard binder from Office Depot, perfect for decorating........ The dies are from Sizzix.