Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend

It's the special people you meet in life who make you smile every day.  In paper crafting stamps, ink, paper, and gadgets have given me a chance to meet people I never had a chance to meet in my professional life. Paper crafting reaches across miles, rivers, boundaries, and oceans.

Today a special friend is celebrating her birthday....... we share a love of paper, stacks, ink, stamps, Tim Holtz.  I want to wish her a wonderful and happy day.  If she was here, our little group would begin the day with a special gourmet coffee; and, then a tour of local scrap stores........ adding more to our already huge stashes, of course :-)  Lunch at the Sunflower for their "out of this world" nut burger.  Then more paper shopping........... The day would end with a BBQ and a long night of sharing and creating with the goodies we had bought during the day, a little vino and conversation into the wee hours.

Have a a wonderfully special day, dear friend..........


  1. Thank you so much, dear friend, for the lovely birthday message! Someday we will be able to spend such a day together with our little group--I truly hope so! Thank you for all that you do to brighten our lives in this part of the country! You really have made a difference in our lives. I hope you enjoy this special day too!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful words......... friendship is a two way street. You both brighten each and every day for me.