Friday, June 17, 2011

Zutter Rivets and Setting Tools ~ Revisited

Back in March, we featured this Zutter Video on MAC:

Since I am real gadget person and Zutter was running a great special on their rivets and closures and the high-quality Zutter rivet tools, I ordered the whole kit & caboodle.  I posted a few days ago the Domestic Goddess Recipe Album I just finished.  I really wanted to hang the tags and charms on the outside of the album; but the chipboard cover is very thick and very dense.  Add to that layers of cardstock....... I didnt have anything that would make the holes cleanly.  I thought about an electric drill but i was afraid it would tear and rip the hole edges.  So this morning I decided to give my Zutter Rivet Tools a try. Great tools.......... punched through almost a .25 of inch of chipboard and cardstock, 2 holes - clean on both sides.  I took the photos before I added the rivets so that you can see how cleanly the holes were cut.  Thank you, Zutter, for another awesome product ;-)

Front of Rivet Punch holes:

Back of Rivet Punch holes:

 Tags & charms now hanging on front cover:


  1. I just came to our wonderful blog because I forgot the name Zutter and I wanted to order the tools to set closures on minis! It worked great for you, probably better than that electric drill!
    Love those charms and little tags, where did you find that little spoon?

  2. I love it:)

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    Myself and a couple of others are giving away some fun Blog Candy:)

  3. Lisa, Zutter is running a special again............ ))) Got all the charms at an LSS.

  4. Great, I will check the Zutter tools and the leather closures too.

  5. This is adorable; I just wanted to thankyou for stopping by my blog. I'm now following your super cute blog-love your tuts and projects.

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K andrew of Getting Cricky!