Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Day Mini Album ~ Flower Power from DCVW

I bought this DCVW stack over a year ago. I didn't like Flower Power when I bought it; and, I still don't care for it. So to make a short story long, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could make a mini album from start to finish in one day. Which explains why I chose some paper I wasn't really in love with. If it didn't work, I could throw the whole project in the trash with no regrets. Usually, my mini albums take me several weeks, so this wasn't going to be an easy challenge for me. I used the Big Shot Pro to cut the pages and cardstock, which considerably sped up the process of making a album. I left out the the paper bags, envelopes, flaps, and flips I love to include in album making. Visit Gallery One for a list of specific materials and dies used. Here are the results. Not too bad for an afternoon, but I think I will stick with G45 and Webster's papers :-)  Enjoy!!!


  1. What is a one day mini album? Ha ha! This turned out so cute! It is amazing how mini albums change the way you look at paper stacks that you may not have been that jazzed about before. This is adorable and the paper is really cute. I love the way the front cover turned out with the bird houses. This is the perfect paper to use for a project I am going to work on with Allison who is 8 1/2. I'll show her this for inspiration...she will love it! TFS! Scrappin' Jubilee

  2. GracefulGrammar this is so cute I want to copy it. I love cute! I bought the stacks of this paper and didn't like them either, I have been using the thin paper stack for sizing sample cuts on my cricut! Love all the tags and pockets and ribbons.

  3. Lisa, I bought the thin weight paper also......... I am going to make paper bags for mini albums with it........ I don't know what i was thinking when I bought it....... Must have a been a great sale because it definitely isn't what I would buy now.

    SJ, this paper is perfect for a young girl....... Allison will love it....... it's the perfect style for a little girl. Let's post Allison's project when you are done with it???

  4. ohhh I love this mini such fun colors!!!!