Friday, May 20, 2011

Junk Journal ~ Art Journal ~ The Smash Book by K & Co ~ Old is New (Again)

Here's K & Co's new Smash Book.......... Enjoy the videos! After the videos, visit the Smash Book Blog..... This is exactly the kind of scrapbooking my mom and my gramma did before all the commercialized stuff was available! This is much like the art journal I kept for art classes in high school and college years and years ago. It's great to see this come back in vogue again. What a cool planner it would make for remodeling a house or planning a wedding or shower! It would be a wonderful place to keep quilt ideas and fabric scraps. What a wonderful way to journal a pregnancy or to capture a child's year in school. I want to design my own....... Have a great weekend all :-)

CHA 2011 -  The Popular Smash Book by Noell Hyman

K&Company | SMASH

How to Make You Own Junque Journal (aka Smash Book) by Tanglebaxter:

How to Make a Smash Book ~ Part 1 ~ By Chrispea ~ Be sure to catch the URL in this video where you can download Chrispea's premade pages for her Smash book.

How to Make a Smash Book ~ Part 2~ By Chrispea

Work for Scraps ~ Chrispea's Blog

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