Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leather Closures for my Mini Albums......

I have been trying to figure a way to attach leather straps as closures to my mini albums.  Eyelets and brads just aren't heavy duty enough to do the job. This morning Zutter sent me an email. This new-to-me product is just what I have been looking for, PLUS, it's on special. Check this video out, I hope you find it helpful:-)

Here is a link to the special:


  1. Nice video and now I have a new tool to buy! But what a great little tool it is. I saw some Zutter closures with a heart, a lock and key and a frame. Imagine a tiny picture in the frame!
    I saw these at Hobby Lobby, so I can use a 40% off coupon!

  2. I orderwd a bunch, shipped the next day! I have 6 mini albums that are almost done......... except for the small details......... This is really going to help!