Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gallery 1 ~ 52 Reasons I Love You ~ Mini album from a deck of cards:

This is such a clever idea!!!  Laura made this for Valentine's Day from a deck of cards.  Each playing card is individually decorated and inscribed with a love note.  She has the cutest handwriting; and, I just had to share her darling project with you.  What a clever and thoughtful gift; and, such a great way to use all those small scraps we all have that are too pretty to throw away. Visit Gallery 1 to be inspired by Laura's creativity.


  1. I would love to take all the credit for this cute palm-size mini but the idea was borrowed from GingerCupcakeCards! I love her idea and just expanded on the embellishments! I love that they can be silly reasons... one of mine was because he loves bacon, brown sugar and butter! My husband love it and has it on his nightstand!

  2. Laura will be back with soon with her new "Friend" mini........ I am so lucky to have such talented friends :-)

  3. how do you seal the cards once you put your reasons on them ? do you use plastic covers over each individule card or just let them the way they are?