Thursday, March 3, 2011

Copics......... Copics....... Copics....... Where to Start???

I bought my Copics a few years ago and there really wasn't much help available for them.  A wonderful lady over at SCS had just completed her collection of Copic Pens and she sent me the Copic Chart completed with each color.......  The colors shown on websites often arent true to color.  I knew enough about Copics to be dangerous, so i spent days on the net tracking down color group information so I could start my collection.

Five Copic Lessons from Michelle Houghton:
Coming soon......... how to choose your copic color groups...... the resources I used.... Printable charts that make choosing groups easy, even on the internet!


    1. I love having all this info in one place! I am just getting started with copics and have my small collection of House Mouse Stamps to start off with.