Thursday, January 27, 2011

We have been busy.........

We have been busy collecting our favorite links and sorting them.  We want this blog to be a reference for us when we make our minis so that we don't have to click through hundreds of bookmarks and favorites trying to find a specific technique we want to apply to our albums.

One of these days, we will learn to make the blog pretty but for right now content is much more important than graphics.

Today's Additions:

  • Envelope Mini Album Videos
  • Waterfall Technique
  • Toilet Paper Tube Mini Video
  • Spinning Snowflake Technique


  1. Great job! It is so easy to get to those favorite videos. I am using it all the time and I do think we have the best and most viewed collection of youtube videos in one place.

  2. Thank you both for all the suggestions, slowly I will get them all worked in :-)